Waiting To Water

“Eish… eish” I said for like the tenth time as I hopped from leg to leg

And for the tenth time, she pulled her upturned nose out of her vibrant looking novel to spare me a glance.

Her eyebrows were asking me the question she wasn’t sure she wanted an answer to.

I sat down, my sheepish smile still stuck on my face

With a heavy sigh, she made to go back to her book but she was way too curious to let it go

“Why won’t you just go?” Exasperation linked strongly with the strange curiosity that was probably bugging her


She waited three seconds

“Because what?!”

I folded my leg under me on the threadbare couch, wincing as my life’s water sloshed and threatened to spill

She would not like that. She really liked that almost-tattered bohemian sofa.

“Because WHAT?!” She asked again, this time grinding her jaw. That girl might need to see a dentist about that. I’d always told her that…Wait, why was she looking at me like that? Oh! She asked me a question.

“There’s something really anticipatory about waiting for a special moment” I said, trying to sound flippant.

“Waiting for a special moment…?”

With the look she now had in her eyes, I must have grown several heads.

“Yes, it’s all in the waiting. ”

But you know what? I wasn’t sure I was being truthful anymore because a little, just a little bit of my life’s water just slipped past my defenses to dampen her beloved red and orange couch.


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