Waiting To Water

"Eish... eish" I said for like the tenth time as I hopped from leg to leg And for the tenth time, she pulled her upturned nose out of her vibrant looking novel to spare me a glance. Her eyebrows were asking me the question she wasn't sure she wanted an answer to. I sat down,... Continue Reading →

Some Nights

Some nights She would whisper to me In sighs and Innuendos mumbling in hushed sentences and darting eyes Fear and excitement and interest Lost within the disclosure and mutterings and undertones She would hold me, arms outstretched Divulgence seeping through her every manner Breathing phrases at me, murmuring words like; "Say nothing my love, say... Continue Reading →

I Shouldn’t Have

I shouldn't have let him advance into my room, into me from friend, to roommate, to lover Now one thing must lead to another excited conversations of the eyes have been replaced by intense groping and sweaty grabs now he more than talks to me he mumbles his words with his lips pressed against mine... Continue Reading →

Averment of Self

"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness It took me years to understand that this too is a gift" Tears and Blood I feel them merge and swirl beneath the surface of my faux-hardened face They bubble to the layer right at the top, impendent to overflow and spill maybe even... Continue Reading →

Within Her Mind

“She’s annoying” “Why? Because she’s not you?” The stillness extended and the tension grew, sneaking in through the spaces in each window net, the dour drafts, and the slice of space underneath each door. Flopping on the bench, she let out an angry howl “You make me so angry!” He said nothing to that. There... Continue Reading →

Diagnosed. (R18)

The antiseptic smell of a hospital is one that you'll never forget in a hurry and time seems to slow down when you are lying face up towards the white washed ceilings, bottom half covered in the thin cloth that served as the duvet. It's been 4 days since the accident and I was so... Continue Reading →

Monday Is An Oppressor.

Monday is a manMonday is a tall, tribalistic hoity-toity man, not like Abacha, more like Hitler. a man who would demean all humans with one look, a man sure of who he is and where he is going.Annoyingly dependable, like a hot iron melting a slice of butter, he will appear. Not with a smile,... Continue Reading →

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