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Take It

Take this Pudenda

Invade it

feel it

Let the neighbor hear me screaming

hopefully you’ll take your time.

I’ll let you have your own way

Time will wait

Put it in here

Still take your time

I don’t care about the bruising

or about the dripping

Don’t let my gasping stop you

Don’t let my gripping slow you

Kiss me, bid me welcome

Take my arrival with excitement

Let summer and christmas and cold nights and hot afternoons meet us here

See how you fit so perfectly, expanding by the second

Taking what you deserve to

What you desire to

What you are determined to

It’s not new to you, it’s not old to you.

This place we lay, this orifice you colonize

This familiarity that will become me

From the invasion that came from you.

At The Office.

Hi Everyone, This is my lazy Saturday post. It’s easy and simple. Lets all kiss Kofo afterwards. 


She walked into my office

Short bandage skirt hugging her petite frame like a Porsche on a winding mountain road. She is wearing the cute jacket I bought for her last month; the bespoke initials on the pocket read O.H

She asks if I was expecting anyone in a low husky voice. As soon as No leaves my lips, she closes and locks the door. Throws jacket on the floor to reveal  a white see through blouse with a red bra under. That bra always drives me crazy. Her nipples are straining through like they wanted to poke holes. Fucking hell and all its demons. She looks amazing

She starts raving about how unfair it was that even after she explained herself I still didn’t believe that she wasn’t cheating on me. As we argued back and forth I was getting steadily turned on ; I’m guessing this was part of her game plan because she keeps moving near me. She tells me if I think I can just leave her she has another thing coming. And that a real man would fight for what he wanted

That got me mad

Fight for what I want??

I yell at her and as she tries to hold me I push her away. She tries again and I warn her not to come near me. “Or else what” she replied “Will you beat me up?” She looks into my eyes and laughs. That vixen laugh… grates on my fucking nerves

She keeps laughing and taunting me. Saying maybe she should go to the other bastard maybe he will know how to handle a woman

Before I can think I pin her to the wall and kiss her roughly to shut her up. I taste blood as she bites me and struggles but I don’t care. One part of my anger clouded mind notices that  she wraps her legs around my waist but I cant think straight

“You want him right?” I ask. “Well tough luck bitch. He can’t have you”

She asks why in a breathless voice and I reply “Because we aren’t done till I say we are”

I grab her shirt n pull it off

No time to remove d skirt; its bunched up around her waist

I carry her to my large mahogany table and push aside files I had being working on earlier. Oblivious to my deadlines, all I want is to brand this fucking wench and let her know what’s up

Gasps as my fingers find her core; she’s still putting up a show of fighting and saying things like “rape” and hurling insults at me. Two fingers slide in smooth and I find that she is slippery wet

I zip down, whip out my hard cock and slam it home. The responding gasp fills me with delight

“Fuck you Dejo”she moans as I start deep stroking her.

 Four shallow three deep. Four shallow three deep. I count off as I ravish her body

One hand pins her slim hands above her, the other chokes her as I leave counting and fuck her mercilessly

“Fuck Dejo I can’t breathe well” she wheezes as I lean in and grind into her “Not my problem wench” I reply

Her pussy walls clench as d first orgasm washes over her. I don’t stop as I normally would to let the orgasm pass and this soon triggers another orgasm. She is bucking and hoarsely moaning my name but I don’t relent

“Today you know who own you” I said fiercely as I lean in and give her a hickey; it stands out bright red against her yellow neck

The wench starts kegels and that pushes me to the brink. I shudder and writhe as I shoot my seed deep in her which in turn makes her cum again hard

We collapse, spent on my office rug. Conniving imp crawls on me and cuddles with a smirk on her face

“I love you Dejo. No-one else. You alone have my heart. These 3 weeks of coldness and shutting me out have almost killed me” she whispers

“I’m sorry babe. Guess I overdid it”

“I’m sorry about everything. I promise it won’t happen again”

“I’m sure it won’t” I say in a menacing voice. She giggles and kisses me softly then rubs my nose with hers “My jealous man”

Out of the corner of my eye I notice something and I turn in time to see my MD’s secetary  scamper away from the window. Damn, that will be a problem…

Under the Moon

Hello Everyone, This is post is for you…and you… you know you’ve missed this! I’m not allowed to tell you who the writer is *giggles* but please…enjoy.


Its the first night of the full moon and I’m waiting for him. Again. I chose the room with the sunroof for tonight. I know it has to be different this time around. So I dressed up, or less.

He often decides what I wear, but since its been two months since he came I decided rebellion was in order. I took a chance and put on something I actually loved. A new pair of chocolate brown lingerie with gold trimmings. The top was held up my thin spaghetti straps and d front was held closed by a single bow I managed to tie with trembling hands. I had decided against matching thongs, which I knew he favoured, instead I went and bought matching french knickers instead.

No make-up, no perfumes nothing special for him. Yes I would wait, but this full moon was mine. To prove that to me, I had soaked in orchid scented bath till the warm water got cold.   When I got on the bed, the moon was at its highest point, caressing the purple linens and my skin with the finger of its soft glow. Tonight, I won’t stay up, I’ll sleep. Even though I would never admit it to him, it hurt like hell’s fire when I expected him the last full moons and he didn’t show.

I don’t know how long I waited, I mean slept, but I felt him before I heard or saw him. Soundlessly I got up and moved on my knees to the side of our mattress he usually found me. I looked up, and gave a slight gasp. OMG! He was more magnificent than I remembered. Towering over me as the moon poured out its soft light on his skin. He’s shirt was open at the top but that wasn’t enough for me.

I had missed him, and was still missing him. That propelled me closer. I felt like I was going to die with longing unless I crawled into him. I crawled to the edge of the bed, and pulled out his shirt from his trousers, chinos or denim, don’t care. I knelt up and started to slowly undo the buttons at the top of his shirt.

I kissed ever part of your chest as I exposed it. My hands kept working at removing your shirt, as I kept tasting you, nibbling and sucking as I went on. When I got to your navel, I stuck my tongue in,  and licked at it all d while gliding my hands across your chest sometimes scratching lightly with my nails. I moved slowly, trailing my tongue up your middle as I discarded your shirt.

I traced your tongue with the tip of my tongue and your arms came up behind my waist and held me close. I decorated your jaw line with kisses as I scratched my hands up and down your back, giving special attention to your scar. I took one ear lobe in my mouth and sucked on it. I nibbled and kissed, stuck my tongue in and teased.  As I transferred my ministrations to your neck, and other ear, I climbed you.

Somehow I had my legs were round your waist and your hands were on my ass. I felt a shiver run through my body as u gave d 1st squeeze, I love the way your everything fits into your hands. Then we kissed. U don’t say much, but your kisses scream out to me. This time it was a gentle kiss. U understood and let me set the pace. U responded to my slight teases and nibbles. I could feel my heat pool just below my stomach as I got wetter than before. And if I didn’t know better I’ll say the little general nudged me. O he did it again.

Something hit my back. The wall. How did we get here. No u are not taking over today. I opened my eyes and let my feet touch the floor. I broke the kiss and your eyes questioned mine. I reached between us and unbuttoned your pants. U let me push u back to the bed and remove the rest of your clothing. All u had on was the gold necklace I got u, and the sight of u naked with your eager erection point at me made me wetter, this time my nipples became hard points u could see through the flimsy material of my lingerie.

I got on my knees between your legs and I kissed the points between your thighs and your balls. I tasted your balls with my tongue before licking your hard rock mast all the way up to the head, where I tasted a drop of excitement. I licked around the head and he jumped again. I like when he does that. With a slight smile I took u whole in my mouth till u hit the back of my throat.

Hmm u taste just right. I held you in my hand, and I moved my head up and down. My hands followed my mouth, played with your balls. I kissed I sucked hard, I nibbled and used everything in my mouth to get u there. Ur hand was in my hair. O, was that a groan? This feels better than I’ve dreamed it. And u thrust your hip at my mouth as I relentlessly continued to take u whole while working with my hands. Up down, up down, suck hard, kiss, kiss, suck, nibbled scratch. Then your fist tightened in my hair and I knew u were close, so I doubled my effort. With a final thrust, u poured into my mouth. Sweet paradise, I drank all of u in. U tasted better than my fantasies. I didn’t stop till the last shudder was out of you, when you caught your breath I let you now limp penis go.

I stood up and stepped back from you before you could  catch me. Just as you made a move to come after me, I held up my hand to stop you while I pulled at the string in front of my lingerie. I let it drop to the floor, exposing my small breast, that always manage to fill your hands somehow. The full moon is giving enough light so you can see me clearly without lights. I really am nervous cos I’ve never done something like this, but I need to show you.

I rubbed one hand down from my lips over one breast, peaked and ready for your mouth, down my sides to my hips. I put one finger of the other hand in my mouth and then rubbed it over one nipple. I started to caress and knead my breasts. All the while watching you watch me.  I slid one hand down my middle, between my breast, over my flat stomach, over my navel, underneath the band of my french knickers. Shit! The knowledge of how wet I was somehow made me wetter. I kept playing with my clit, and then I gasped at how good it felt to have my finger inside me. I closed my eyes and imagined u touching me. I needed to do this, turn u back on.

I almost gave an embarrassing scream, when a warmer, larger hand covered my other boob, you other hand was in my underwear, displacing my finger with two of your own. I ignored how good it felt when I saw how hard your cock was. Did he become longer and  than he was when I had him in my mouth.

Hmmm! That feels so good, what u are doing to me with your hands. No! put your hand back on my breast, but u lifted my chin so you could see my eyes, u asked me to open them just as I was about to close them. “Baby I need to see your eyes when you come for me”. O but I was looking forward to that. Your fingers didn’t stop thrusting in and out. Space I needed to part my legs wider 4 u. U put me down in a chair and got on your knees.

I spread my legs and threw my head back in ecstasy. You took my nipple in your mouth and I gasped. That feels so right, like chocolate melting on all my taste buds. U tugged at the nipple as another gasp erupted from my throat, the third finger, and I looked down at u. Your eyes where on my face very intense. You hands where moving faster and I could not get away from the pleasure they gave me. Then I got to the top of the mountain and you kept taking me higher than I thought was possible. When I thought I’ll die from the pleasure of your hands, I crashed down in many colours of bliss.

As my juices poured out over your hand, u kept thrusting till I started to calm down.

Shit! Did I scream, o my…u carried me to the bed so fast my head spun.

Your lips where on mine and your hands where everywhere. When you started to push your erection to my entrance, then I knew you had gotten my message. You had come to me every full moon, but I wasn’t ready to be yours in every way a wife should be. Now I was ready for you to take the last part of me that was left, what no man had ever gotten.

I felt you inside as my walls were receiving you, then you stopped before that one barrier that made all the difference. You broke the kiss and looked into my eyes for confirmation. In response, I kissed you fiercely and you thrust all the way.

Fuck!  that freaking hurts. Ouch! You waited and started to apologize  and then the pain was being replaced by something beautiful. Hmm what was that? O yes, my man’s cock is finally buried deep in my own pussy. I wiggled my hips for you to continue and you did. You set a pace easy enough for me to match. Whoa! There’s a new spot you just hit. Hmmm!!! Do it again. This time you pulled out almost completely and then thrust back in, hitting the spot again. In and out we went, till my walls held you in spasm, and two thrusts later you also came inside me.

You collapsed on me, and I realized I actually love your weight, even though it may crush me in d next few mins. You pushed yourself up on your elbows and for the first time said the words I was hoping to tell you today. You said “I love you” and I told you too.

That out of the way, you wanted to make me cum three more times. Five times tonight, and only because I’ll be sore as its my first time. Apparently there are other ways to make me cum without entering me with the Large-Little-General. You picked me up and took me to the bath to clean me up.

But somehow you got me to scream your name in my third and fourth orgasms…



Hi, Apparently no MTN service over the weekends. but what for it’s worth, I have 2 extra days to make up for. Any ideas how??  Please enjoy the post below and Thank @immortal_teddy for making it happen! 




I want you……bad. Deep.

Like air. Like warmth on a cold day

Like life in a barren place……

You…. fill a void….void deep and dark and……..HUNGRY……

I want to brand you as mine…..

Tattoo my name in small bold letters on your clavicle so he KNOWS

Give you hickies every time we meet….

I want to drag you away in public and make slow steamy love to you….

Each time we meet in the throes of passion

Our bodies making sweet overtures

the symphony of flesh against flesh

harmonising with your increasingly loud moans and my grunts of appreciation

I want to lay with you and share a blunt

Pass the whole day drinking cocktails and smoking and listening to music

I want to come to your office on a Friday and kidnap you

Phones off, we would disappear for the whole weekend

But as much as I want to claim YOU

I want you to claim me too

Tighten your grip on me when you see a woman that catches my eye

Look at her n then kiss me slow and deep

Mark your territory on me with love bites

Get jealous and shut me out

then we have wild makeup sex

You stir a place within me I don’t even think is human

Wild and beautiful……….

My sihaya………..desert thirst when thoughts of you hit me..

You have become my addiction.

And I don’t want the cure




Hey,Welcome back to the Time Series with Tomi. You can click For 10AM and the other’s
Please enjoy.

Mr Salami’s stuffy office was dimly lit, musty and reeked of Bode’s need. He had given up his anger to me, with the door still ajar and now he looked at me, expecting an answer. The fact that I still stood here, his hand holding my arm was disgusting to me. Snatching my hand away, I pushed him back.
“Don’t you ever ask me again. You have no fucking right!” I hissed at Bode’s even stare. How could he stare at me so evenly when just a few moments ago, he has bruised my face with his slap? Smiling at d tinge of pain I felt on my bottom lip, I kissed him hard, bit on his bottom lip, spun and left him standing there. The papers he had been holding when he walked into Salami’s office strewn on the already messed up carpet.

My feet were taking charge as my strides led me, while the anger had melted away into some sort of joy. I remember the day I’d met Bode and how shy I had pretended to be. I remember how he had seemed in control of everything then. Hoping I would grow up and be ready for him. Such a wimp! He must be shaking from shocks now… I thought almost bursting into laughter. The sun beat against my dreads as I stepped out of the academic block, heading to my room. That one class that was supposed to hold that day had become an interesting scenario of Mr Salami, Bode and I. If I’d had my chance, I’d have them both. Writhing for me. Groaning my name. Touching each other… For me.

Already turning to the lane to the boy’s quarters I stayed in, my steps quickened. Kemi was waiting for me and I was excited. Almost giddy. Kemi… I thought. Smart, sexy, naïve Kemi. I know she needed me as much as I needed her and maybe it was time.
Maybe I could give her a remarkable experience…
The sweat from my excitement moistened my hand, as I put in the key to open the door. My heart was hammering with joy. There were no maybe’s. It had to be now. Kemi has to be mine now!

The heat from my room poured out at me as I walked in. For a minute I was unsure that I was seeing clearly…. Kemi was gone. But….

“Hi” I heard a voice behind me. “Tomi, right?” The tall guy said. He looked weird and vaguely familiar as he stepped, uninvited through my still open door into my room.
“What do you want?” I barked. I had to find Kemi. How had she disappeared? How did she get out? The only person who had my extra room key was…… Oh!…..
My brother.
“I saw you” the guy said, looking at my eyes. He was dark, tall, very tall. And his face was… Scary.

“Saw me?”
“Yes! In Salami’s office. I saw you and that other guy, Bode right??” He said, smiling. His teeth stood out against his dark face.

Why was he looking at me so weird?
“YES? And so what??” I snapped. My voice had lost its strength.

He closed the door behind him and cracked his knuckles.
“I stay 3 doors down. I don’t know if you know my sister, Kemi…” He said. He was still smiling and walking towards me, unbuckling his belt.
Why the fuck was he still smiling.
The back of my knee hit the side of my bed.
I hadn’t realised that I was moving backward

Fear held me and didn’t let go.

“What do you want” I asked, feigning indifference.
“You” came his reply as he pushed me down, kneeling in front of him. My hands should have been shaking in fear..But he didn’t know how ready I was for this!
He pulled my hair, Pushing the front of his erection against my face. In pain, my nerves squeezed in anticipation. Pushing me on the bed, I knew this was more. More than I bargained for. For the first time since I woke up, Icy cold tendrils of fear licked at my heart.
“I…” I started before the slap landed on the side of my face. My teeth bit the inside of my mouth.
“You know what you did Tomi, and now I am going to repay you” the tall guy said calmly, pining my arms above me.
“I know everything you’ve done…” He continued, cutting me off.
With one hand he pinned my hands above my bed, with the other, he had pushed down his pants and began to rub his erection against my pelvis.
I should not have worn a skirt.

Pulling up my skirt, he pushed himself against the insides of my thighs. I was wet and the insides of my thighs felt warm.
Pushing my panties to the side, he pushed himself into me. Tearing me apart. The pain sang loudly, stretching me.. This was Not how I wanted this to happen.
Arrgh! That hurt!
“You. need. to. stop” i screamed in pain
He wasn’t listening. Pushing and pulling, he went in and out.
I scratched his back in pain.
Pushing, Pushing…pulling.
The last thing I felt before I passed out was the liquid that I knew was my blood seeping from within me.

10am’s Spoof

Hi, wecome. Hope you’ve been enjoying The Time stories of Tomi. If you’ve missed the prequels, just click and enjoy. Here’s Tomi’s 10am.

Bode stood at the entrance, backing the dim lighting of the passageway. I could barely make out the expression of his face as the office was poorly lit, or perhaps because there was no expression there.
I could feel my lecturer going limp in my hand, and somehow, despite the current situation, I was disappointed at that. I stroked him again with my fingers, my eyes not leaving Bode. I felt nothing, only the hunger inside throbbing inside me like blood pumping out of a jugular wound.
This hunger allows no weakness, sympathy, guilt. I have to feed.

The lecturer was stammering out some words like an epileptic power supply, but I couldn’t hear him. My eyes were fixed on Bode, even as his breaths became shallow and I could hear him breathing out throw his mouth in long noisy breaths. I could never have planned this better, I have never seen Bode angry before.
What will he do? Would he beat me? Would he beat the lecturer?
My heart begins to race and a delicious wetness spreads quickly between my thighs like gasoline leaking from a faulty tank, spreading a slow sweet heat from my crotch to my belly.

Bode opened his mouth but no words came out. For what seemed like forever, his vision blanked and he couldn’t breathe. He had never lost his breath before, never in his 26 years. He is strongly built, with muscles struggling to be caged inside his tight fitting shirt.
Tomi had Mr Salami’s dick in her mouth, his Tomi, sweet Tomi, who was plump just the way he likesd it.
The papers he held fell out of his hand in a loud shuffle.
Papers can’t make that much noise, he thought briefly. He had forgotten what they were and why he brought them here. His breathing had taken a painful curve, as if his lungs had forgotten why they were there. He walked slowly into the office, his heart racing. He wasn’t aware of his fist clenching and unclenching rapidly, as if trying to squeeze water out of thin air. He wasn’t aware of the thick sweat breaking out all over his face and body, trickling down into his already slit eyes, stinging them. He thought he was crying.
All he could see was Mr Salami struggling to get up, but failing. His manhood still held prisoner in Tomi’s hand. Tomi was looking at him with an expression he had never seen on her face in all the 3yrears they had dated. He could hear Mr Salami talking, but he could not make out any word. Then Tomi did something that snapped his mind and quenched all rational thoughts.
Later he would blame it all on that act.
She licked her lips, swallowing the white milky stuff that was around her mouth.
He face fell in a growl as he raised his right hand….

The slap stung
But I was smiling as the force of Bode’s blow pushed me to my knees. His eyes were teary and my mouth had split open. It stung as I licked, tasting the tanginess of my blood. For a moment, I heard the lecturer babble behind me, fear chasing him out of his own office and into the noisy corridor.
Bode was staring at me, fury and agony etched on his face. Finally he would feel something for me, something strong, something tangible.
The hunger nagged at me
I reached for the fly of his jeans. He looked like he would slap me again. It made me smile.
Eyes blazing, his hand grabbed my hair, pulling me. Pushing my head down.
I couldn’t hear him. I could only feel.
I pulled him out of his pants, his hardness betraying everything that he did not want, everything that he needed. My tongue traced every inch of him as I pushed him deep into my mouth. I sucked, hard and long as he pulled my hair.
It hurt.
He grew harder as I sucked deeper. I put my hand on him, wrapping my fingers around him, stroking the length of him, my tongue licking back and forth. His groans were barely heard over the sound of the blood rushing in my head. I licked the tip, suckling as I felt him build.
Harder and harder, I felt his knees buckle. His face contorted to betray his need.
In and out…. Licking, sucking, suckling. His hand squeezing my hair as I went in and out, my tongue against the length of him.
He pushed my head backward, pushing himself deep down into my throat. Tears streamed from my eyes as I choked, and the pain of my split lip throbbed.
He exploded, nerves racking his body, his eyes tightly shut as he filled my mouth. I swallowed, as he pushed my head away from him.
I got up, realizing that I wanted more.
Bode wasn’t enough, his anger was hot but it hadn’t lasted long enough for me to fester.
I needed his anger. His pain. His fear.
I needed Kemi .
“Tomi” He called pulling me back as I made to walk away.
“You promised me. I will be your first”


Hello. Hope you’ve been enjoying The Time stories of Tomi. If you’ve missed the prequels, you can read them here (7am’s Glories: AND 8am’s Exposure ) Enjoy Tomi’s 9am. 



I slammed the door behind me, leaving her to rearrange herself. What could she say to anyone? She would not dare. Not that she could leave the room until I got back anyway.I laughed,thimking about how scared she must have been when she’d heard me lock her in.  She had needed the experience and maybe, just maybe she would be glad when I come back home for more.

Kemi was sweet and salty, like my favourite potato chips and yet, there was some kind of unusual hunger that remained within me. I giggled again, remembering the teeth marks I had left on Kemi’s flawless skin. And my brother’s rapturous expression as he gave me his essence.

I had a need but the day seemed long ahead of me. I had a class that was almost over.

Getting to an already empty class made me a little worried. I had to pass. To be the best.  To be unique.  I had to see my lecturer.

I tapped on his door discreetly and heard his muffled “come in”.

“AH! Tomi” he exclaimed as he saw me walk in. “I did not see you in class today. Are you ok?” He asked. It wasn’t surprising for a lecturer to remember the student who was the best in his course And was his personal Class representative.

I looked at him through lowered lashes. “No sir, I was harassed on my way to school today. Some boys were disturbing me near the school premises and I did not have anyone to save me” I replied, my voice wavering with tears and sadness.

“Are you serious?”  He bellowed, his eyes flaming with anger. He had always been protective of me and his angry response had answered my unspoken question.  “I’m ok now sir” I replied as I walked towards him. His eyes remained steady on me and I instantly knew where his mind had gone.

“Tomi” he started as I got closer to him. He was a lecturer. He was my lecturer. He was a man. “Wait” I heard him say faintly. 

I replied him with a kiss on his ugly mouth, looking down at his beer gut and stout legs, He was ugly. I owned him. Kneeling down, I saw the realisation enter his eyes and his fat black fingers began to undo the rope of his Ankara trouser. I stroked the top of his light material of his trouser and watched as it rose in response.

Pulling the material down, I saw him for who he was, thick and ready. My first lick was tentative, and I saw his eyes squeeze in response. I licked. I licked again. Then I took him in my mouth and sucked. He expanded in my mouth.  My mouth tightened around him.

I forgot who he was.

I put him all the way in, to the back of my throat and his hands grabbed my dreads. Sucking in and out, in and out…slowly,  faster. I could hear his groans.  He squeezed my hair. I suckled harder.

I forgot where we were.

He groaned louder. I sucked more and more …and more.  My saliva running down the length of him, wetting his trousers.  His saltiness spicing up my taste buds.

Lick, stroke, suck…

“Professor!” came a male voice from the door.  His stout legs couldn’t respond quickly enough.

“TOMI!!” came a much louder exclamation.  I knew that voice.

My boyfriend was standing at the door.




I sat on the bed as it had begun to rain and splatters of droplets hit against my window pane. I was lost in thought, a smile forming on my lips. It’s been just a few minutes that Dayo left my room, anger and disgust in his eyes.
He could be as angry as he wanted but I could see him for what he was. I had seen his need. His want.
I could not stop smiling. My brother’s mind will be a jumbled mess and that alone would make my day but it would not feed me. I had to feed. I was hungry.

*kon kon* went my door. My neighbor called out to me. “Tomi, I bought breakfast” she yelled. “U want??” She always did such thoughtful things. Such a sweet girl.
“Yes” I replied, opening up my door. She was standing in front of my BQ in what she must have worn out to the food seller. Her pair of denim short shorts and oversize teeshirt. Her legs went on forever and her skin was so brown against the drops of rain on her. She must’ve been a little cold because her skin was screaming with goose pimples. Her nipples stood at attention.

I looked. I watched.
I had to feed. I was Hungry.

“Come in” I said, opening the door wider and as she passed me, I smelt her skin. Whatever soap she had used smelt of lemon. Yummy.
She sat on my bed, putting the plates of food on the table beside it. She shivered.
Are you cold??
She nodded. I sat beside her and pulled her into my embrace. My arms rubbed her arms slowly and she got warmer, softer somehow, more lax.
She looked up at me and smiled. She smiled.
I pushed her against the bed and pinned her with my fat thighs. “Do you know how beautiful you are, Kemi?” I said right before I bit her neck. She shivered and tried to push me away. I bit again. Then licked.

“Tomi, please” she said breathily, her protests and her needs merged.
I smiled.
I pushed her top up, over her breasts, and pulled through her lace bra. She wanted me, her nipples spoke with eagerness. I needed to taste. My mouth suckled as her legs tried to protest. I was heavier.

“Please Tomi Stop” she begged me as I kept on biting her nipples hard. So juicy. So soft. I bit hard enough. Blood. The fight went out of her as pain took hold.
I Was Hungry.
I pushed her shoulders as I sat on her waist and looked into her eyes. The tears were streaming, glinting, begging, enticing.
She would go nowhere till I had my fill.
She saw it. She could see my need as my nipples responded to her tears.
“You will go nowhere Kemi, I need you.” She started to shake her head to refute me… I touched her breasts where she bled and squeezed.
“You will not fight me” I said again as her eyes squeezed in pain.
“No” she whispered, “No Tomi, I won’t fight you again”

Fickle Charm

It seemed like every other day, hot..Humid. The rain won’t fall but the heat pressed against her skin. Tired, jobless she lay on her brown couch, the day seeming to stretch ahead of her.
No plans in place.

“Twitter” she thought, shaking her head as she logged on, hoping it would allay her boredom. He was there, tweeting about some random thing. This guy that she had nearly lost everything to a few years ago. She seemed lost in thought for a while…remembering the bed, the painful trials and the final result. Or lack of it. She had gone back home with a yet unbroken parcel.Does she regret it? Maybe so.

But she had a man now.

She snapped back to look at her messages and the smile began in her chest before she broke out into a chuckle. He’d sent his pin. What should she do?

She should NOT add him, she knew. She should not.

But was that any fun? She was bored anyway.

She was still smiling, tossing from side to side. The heat no longer bothered her.
They had spoken.
He would come, just like she told him to.
Should she make up? Nah, that’d be too obvious. She would take another shower and….maybe….

*diiiiiiiiiiiing* her phone screamed.
“I am here.” The baritone voice said.
Oh My Lord, What the heck was she doing???

She walked to the door, straightened her tank top, smelt herself. Okay. She didn’t have to smell like a goddess anyway.
The light was behind him. Tall, he was framed against her door post, all dark skinned and smiling.
“Hi” she screeched. “You got here so fast” she said, trying to steady her voice. Could he hear her heartbeat?? Why was he looking at her so?

He was on her couch yet he still stared. The tension in the air was like a whirlwind. She sat beside him, unsure…yet taking charge. The conversation became easier…mundane. All she saw were his lips.

Kiss me.

He did. He carried her off the couch, against the door. On the dining table. He ravished her mouth. His tongue pillaged her…warm. Warm.

She took charge.

She pulled him on the couch and sat on him. Her body hot and warm He was stiff, Really stiff. She laughed.
“What are you doing?” he said as he watched her get up. She pulled out a joint. You want some? She asked.
Her eyes looking bright with excitement. The smell of burning cannabis filled the already heated room.

Kemi, You need Church. He said.

Are you going to take me…? Was her reply, her eyes brighter from scaling heights. He touched her arm. She grabbed his shirt. He turned her around. She looked at the mirror facing them. Looked in the mirror. Her light skin against his dark hands.

“You’re so beautiful” she said to herself.
“See how beautiful you are” he said to her as his finger pulled down her pink track bottoms. He was staring at her butt in awe. She smiled, vanity holding onto her with spite.

He stroked, his fingers touching her. Flicking her. She was warm. She was wet. She was high.
He pulled….her lace gave way. She couldn’t wait. She looked in the mirror. Looked at him frown.
“What is it” she said, wondering what he could possibly be thinking.
“I’m not going to see you again” He said, a trail of sweat creeping down the side of his face.
He was leaving the country and did not plan to come back. She was torn.

He looked at her. She pulled her trouser up. He left.

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