Take It Take this Pudenda Invade it feel it Let the neighbor hear me screaming hopefully you'll take your time. I'll let you have your own way Time will wait Put it in here Still take your time I don't care about the bruising or about the dripping Don't let my gasping stop you Don't... Continue Reading →

At The Office.

Hi Everyone, This is my lazy Saturday post. It's easy and simple. Lets all kiss Kofo afterwards.  She walked into my officeShort bandage skirt hugging her petite frame like a Porsche on a winding mountain road. She is wearing the cute jacket I bought for her last month; the bespoke initials on the pocket read O.HShe asks... Continue Reading →

Under the Moon

Hello Everyone, This is post is for you...and you... you know you've missed this! I'm not allowed to tell you who the writer is *giggles* but please...enjoy. Its the first night of the full moon and I'm waiting for him. Again. I chose the room with the sunroof for tonight. I know it has to... Continue Reading →


Hi, Apparently no MTN service over the weekends. but what for it's worth, I have 2 extra days to make up for. Any ideas how??  Please enjoy the post below and Thank @immortal_teddy for making it happen!  Sigh.....I want you......bad. Deep.Like air. Like warmth on a cold dayLike life in a barren place......You.... fill a void....void... Continue Reading →


Hello. Hope you've been enjoying The Time stories of Tomi. If you've missed the prequels, you can read them here (7am's Glories: https://vixenpixie.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/7ams-glories/ AND 8am's Exposure https://vixenpixie.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/8ams-exposure/ ) Enjoy Tomi's 9am.  I slammed the door behind me, leaving her to rearrange herself. What could she say to anyone? She would not dare. Not that she could leave the room until... Continue Reading →


I sat on the bed as it had begun to rain and splatters of droplets hit against my window pane. I was lost in thought, a smile forming on my lips. It’s been just a few minutes that Dayo left my room, anger and disgust in his eyes. He could be as angry as he... Continue Reading →

Fickle Charm

It seemed like every other day, hot..Humid. The rain won’t fall but the heat pressed against her skin. Tired, jobless she lay on her brown couch, the day seeming to stretch ahead of her. No plans in place. “Twitter” she thought, shaking her head as she logged on, hoping it would allay her boredom. He... Continue Reading →

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