Within Her Mind

“She’s annoying” “Why? Because she’s not you?” The stillness extended and the tension grew, sneaking in through the spaces in each window net, the dour drafts, and the slice of space underneath each door. Flopping on the bench, she let out an angry howl “You make me so angry!” He said nothing to that. There... Continue Reading →

That Orange Thing

Hue, Glow The intense cantaloupe Blazing above like an aura Big, Bright, Hanging low making the hours seem so slow formulating this mirage to seem so real sweat and the drowsiness a part of me This ample colossal luminous streaks cutting the grand azure into bits Sun rays spiking off my skin The radiant sky... Continue Reading →

The Ouvre

The Oeuvre God's Oeuvre I see it about you The crisscross of your bright and dark tones the lines pulled taught at the nape and sure strong bones tenderly covered thinly protected by the stretch of dermis Your natural jacket The husk that fosters you Your defense, your insulation Showing, Crowning The paintings of the... Continue Reading →

The Woodpecker

kok, kok, kok We heard him every night when we tried to act like we were sleeping Eyelids squeezed tightly shut bed sheets soaking the sweat that poured from us labored breathing and swallowed spittle kok, kok, kok Why did we hear him only when we went to bed when our parent's raised voices had... Continue Reading →



What if I die here?

What if sin’s chains choke me till I die?

What if I reach and I crawl and I strain and I fall?

What if I cry and I try and I never get out of here?

What if I never find my voice, or the courage to tell the truth?

What if I live my life for someone else because I’m afraid to demand it back?

What if I never stop hiding?

What if shame keeps my hands from rising?

What if?

What if I never heal?

What if the wounds in my deepest parts fester, and I rot, full of bile and bitter?

What if I end up broke(r), miserable and alone?

What if my dreams make no sense?

What if all I set out to achieve is emptiness and stupidness?

What if?

What if this is all there is to me?

What if…

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Take It Take this Pudenda Invade it feel it Let the neighbor hear me screaming hopefully you'll take your time. I'll let you have your own way Time will wait Put it in here Still take your time I don't care about the bruising or about the dripping Don't let my gasping stop you Don't... Continue Reading →

The Wrap-Up

Hoarse She was hoarse from screaming Was it a nightmare, Please let it be a nightmare She had been running down in the dark corridor for such a long time The walls were sweating all around her sweating blood His little voice was all around her inside her, on top of her, everywhere "Don't do... Continue Reading →


Start Here I hear their voices droning on and on I need this sleep to take me but how would this happen if they never stop talking? Start Near They talk about pedestrians, about girls in red dresses, about constitutional mistakes and the slavery of cab drivers in a state with bad roads and a... Continue Reading →

I Give To You

I give to you My largest duvet so you can hide under and busy yourself in the bed of my thoughts, be pillowed by my over-protectiveness, entangled in the warmth of my angst I give to you my scissors To trim, and cut yourself down, shorter, way shorter than the largess that has been bestowed... Continue Reading →

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